GO TEXAN 15-Year Members
GO TEXAN 15-Year Members
The GO TEXAN program was founded in 1999 to promote the products, culture and communities that call Texas home. As we celebrate our 15-year anniversary, we want to highlight our founding members, which are featured below. Click on a GO TEXAN member logo to jump to that story or scroll down for an alphabetical list of the members below.

Aloe King owner John Sigrist knew he wanted to share the benefits of fresh aloe with the world. He has worked ever since to provide premium quality, fresh aloe vera to consumers.  Aloe King’s concept is unique in contrast to the many juices, elixirs and health supplements containing aloe on the market today. Aloe King’s ability to grow, harvest and ship products daily enables their farm fresh Aloe King leaf to reach the produce markets on a timely and consistent basis. The company delivers only the purest form of aloe vera to its customers who reap the many benefits of this miracle plant. Their Texas farming, processing and manufacturing operation provides pharmaceutical and cosmetic grade, processed aloe leaf fillets to many aloe companies who do not have their own farms. Thanks to the growing popularity of their products, along with their reputation for quality and integrity, Aloe King continues to be a name you can rely on for all aloe vera product needs. 


In 1971, owners Victor and Phyllis Hsu arrived in the United State from Taiwan to pursue post-graduate studies. Soon they started their own business, which started their [RP1] first egg roll recipe at the annual Austin International Fair. As the popularity of their egg rolls grew, the Hsus decided it was time to expand their business, and in 1981, Amy Food was started. Amy Food is named after the owners’ first American-born child and is still family-owned today. In Taiwanese, “Amy” means “love of America.” The company constantly strives to create new and innovative products for growing markets. A loyal supporter of local agriculture, Amy Food has been a member of the Texas Department of Agriculture’s GO TEXAN program for 15 years. They are a certified minority-owned business and maintain the highest standards of food safety for their products. With expert knowledge and a passion for good food, Amy Food continues to find new flavors and expand their line of great food.


Owners Anna Olvera-Ullrich and Jim Ullrich started the business in early 1997 by selling jars of Ana's Salsa to neighbors, friends and co-workers. It wasn’t until 1998 when the public got its first true taste of their salsa at the 8th Annual Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival, where Ana's Salsa took First Place, the People's Choice Award and the Red Salsa Commercial category. Since then, the accolades have only continued for the famous salsa, which has received 25 awards, including the Golden Chile Pepper at the Fiery Food Challenge for fresh salsa in 2001, 2002 and 2003. Ana's Salsa Pico de Gallo was awarded its first place award in its debut at the 2005 Chile Pepper's Fiery Food Challenge.

Aunt Aggie De’s Pralines got their start when then caterer, Eleanor Harren, was constantly receiving requests for her creamy pralines. People wanted her pralines at their events, whether it was a barbeques or wedding. In 1987, at age 55, Eleanor decided it was time to start Aunt Aggie De's Pralines and give everyone a chance to taste her wonderful creations. Eleanor began making small batches of the pralines herself in her kitchen, but word quickly spread about the delectable pecan candy. The business has now grown to occupy two buildings in Sinton, Texas. In one, pralines and other pecan candies are still being made in batches with the same care and quality of ingredients Eleanor used when she started the company.

C. W. Hetherly and Dan Davidson acquired Austin Tree Farm in 1991. The farm had not been replanted for about four years. The first few years were spent planting seedlings to grow the farm. Since the production of quality trees is a priority, Austin Tree Farm has concentrated on the improvement of procedures and equipment required to assure top-notch products.


The Bagley’s have more than three decades of family farming in their blood, with the last 30 years being spent as a premier supplier of watermelons under the name Bagley Produce. During this time, they have received the American Fruit Vegetable Grower Award three times for farming with innovative ideas. Last year alone, Bagley Produce shipped more than 2 million pounds of fruit to Texas food banks. As a company, Bagley Produce strives to support local charities and communities and always help in times of need.



Nestled in the East Texas piney woods of Bear Bottom, four generations of family tradition surrounds Bear Creek Smokehouse. Originating with Hick and Nellie Shoults, who raised and cured their own smoked meats, the smokehouse has grown from a backyard smokehouse with 600 birds in 1943 to today’s large facility that produces a wide variety of smoked delights. From beef to pork, turkey to chicken, Bear Creek Smokehouse does it all without compromising the quality and taste of the old-fashioned way of hickory-smoking.


Belle Brook Farm’s family roots can be traced back to the tall pine trees of Arkansas. Lured by the lush timberland of East Texas, the family eventually migrated to the Lone Star State. Saw-milling was a family operation for many years, but C.S. Jones had an entrepreneurial spirit that gave him the optimism to venture into dairy farming, peanut farming, oil wildcatting and ranching. Their heritage demands the family produces the best product possible, and that’s not a problem at Belle Brook Farms. Customers always receive the highest-quality beef and exceptional service.


Bell’s Farm to Market carries an assortment of fruits and vegetables including: Rio Red grapefruits, navel oranges, mars oranges, Texas sweet onions, lulu avocados, valley lemons and so much more. The variety of their offerings also includes pecans, honey, honey butter, candied pecans and almonds, and other assorted nuts and trail mixes. Bell’s Farm to Market takes great pride in putting quality into each and every product produced.


Blanco Valley Farms made its debut at Gruene Market Days with a “chili bang” back in 1994. Since then, Blanco Valley Farms’ line of chili mix, salsa mix and dip mixes have remained the same with no salt, no MSG or any kind of artificial preservatives.


It all started on a hot summer day when local farmers decided to establish the Brenham Creamery Company and make butter from excess cream brought in by area farmers. A few years later, the creamery began making ice cream and delivering it to neighbors by horse and wagon. It was in 1930 that the company changed its name to Blue Bell Creameries after the native Texas bluebell wildflower.


Bolner's Fiesta Products is a family-owned and operated company with headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. The Bolner family exhibits the qualities generally associated with artisans or craftsmen — attention to even the smallest details, an exacting and thorough knowledge of their craft and a sense of excitement about presenting their customers with the very best product possible. Owner Clifton J. Bolner learned his way around the food business by working in the family grocery store that his grandfather started in 1906. Clifton founded Bolner's Fiesta Products in 1955, and today is joined by Bolner family members who manage the sales, marketing and production of Fiesta products.

Harold Bowers, along with his wife Cheryl, founded Bowers Shrimp & Fish in 1989. It has always been their commitment to quality, consistency and excellence that has helped them stand apart from the rest. Born and raised in the Palacios area, Harold Bowers grew up as part of a family of farmers. He transferred the skill and integrity of the Bowers family farming traditions to aquaculture. Trusted throughout the farming community, Bowers Shrimp & Fish carries on the valued family tradition of producing premium products with world-class customer service.


Brittle By Jo is family run business located in San Antonio that ships its delicious gourmet candy worldwide. When it comes to brittles, they feature a wide variety, including handmade peanut, pecan, cashew, walnut, coconut peanut, jalapeno penut, habanero pecan, cinnamon pecan and almond brittle, plus pralines, chocolate covered nuts and gift boxes, baskets and jars.


Established in 1907, Burleson’s Honey is a company that has deep-rooted traditions that serve as a strong foundation for the company’s innovations in production, packaging and consumer marketing. Burleson’s is committed to providing their customers with the highest-quality product on the market. Their clover honey has a taste profile that’s sweet to the palate and delivers just what your taste buds want.

Beth Zies, owner and creator of the Prickly Pear Saloon, has delivered the whimsically-labeled Cactus Margarita™ Mix to gourmet shops for restaurants, lounges and bars market since 1998. On the label, an armadillo boldly enjoying a frosty Cactus Margarita™ proudly poses in front of the Texas flag, representing the company spirit that continues to delivers great taste to their customers.

Founded in 1966, Casa Flora has evolved into a world-leading, customer service-oriented producer of tropical and perennial fern liners. The company is based in Dallas, with additional facilities in Florida and China. As a family-owned company, Casa Flora strives to always treat their customers and their workers just like family, all while providing a exceptional product at a great price.

Chappell Hill Sausage is a family-owned company that was established in 1968. Located just west of Houston, the company resides in a little town known for its bluebonnets and, well, country sausage. Chappell Hill Sausage produces a smoked link sausage in a wide variety of flavors. In additional, Chappell Hill produces bacon, summer sausage and a special spiral honey-glazed ham for holidays and family gatherings.

James C. Keliehor, P.E., the founder of Cheesemakers, grew up on his family farm, where he learned about making dairy products. After graduating from the University of Texas, he began working in the food industry. In 1997, Cheesemakers was born, and the company has grown since. Today, Cheesemakers is in the process of becoming a state-of-the-art cheesemaking plant, where the company will manufacture a variety of fresh specialty cow's milk and goat's milk cheeses in the state of Texas.

Building their first greenhouse in 1972, Edwin and Vicki Cole used their pickup truck to bring quality bedding plants to the Dallas/Fort Worth area in the beginning. Their goal was all about quality and reliability. After more than 40 years, that’s what the Cole’s Plants family still provides its customers today.

Connolly Products began in 1979 in Paul Connolly’s kitchen after he had been told enough times to “bottle that salsa and sell it.” In 1991, Paul’s salsa became commercially produced, when he was dealing with the threat of losing his job. That’s when the age-old cliché, “necessity is the mother of invention,” came true. Today, we get to enjoy his award-winning salsas.

With a family nursery background dating back to 1933, David Tankard started his own wholesale nursery in 1977. David’s Nursery is owned by David, his wife Suzanne and their two sons, Dave and Van. Since its inception, David’s Nursery has expanded to more than 300 acres growing 250 cultivars of evergreen, deciduous and perennial plants. Their specialty is pot-in-pot grown woody plants that ready for landscapes.

Sixteen years ago, after making vanilla-almond pecan treats for friends and family and getting rave reviews, two brothers, Gus and David Billing, took a leap of faith to start Davis Mountains Nut Company. It began as a small family business in their kitchen. Today, it has expanded to include a retail shop on Main Street in Fort Davis, where the brothers still make their products by hand with that special.

In 1929, C.T. Ducote Sr. and his son, Curry, traveled to the small West Texas town of San Angelo by way of Marksville, Louisiana. With very little money and an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, they opened a small café and general store on Chadbourne Street in north San Angelo. Curry and his father began roasting and packaging coffee with a small coffee roaster they purchased along the way to San Angelo. Today, the company's growth can be attributed to its diversification and the hard work of its founders.

Briannas Fine Salad Dressings was founded more than 30 years ago in Austin, as the Del Sol Food Company. The company grew out of a desire to create a superior product with family pride and consistently high quality. Named after the owner’s daughter, Marianne, and grandson, Brian, Briannas has grown to become one of the most popular salad dressings in the world.

The Doguet family has been in the rice business since the 1920s, when great-grandfather, Arthur Ardoin, worked as a Louisiana rice grower. Arthur and his siblings were raised in the rice business by their father, Darby Doguet, who worked in a rice warehouse, owned a seed rice business, and eventually, managed a rice mill. In 1979, Doguet's Rice Milling Company was established. Today, the business includes the drying, storage and milling of rough rice, as well as marketing rice for other farmers. Plus, just like Arthur did, the company continues to grow its own rice.

Franklin and Bonnie Houser purchased 103 acres of land just outside of New Braunfels in the 1970s as a getaway home for their young family. In 1992, the first vines were planted, and the following year, 4,000 vines of Vitus vinifera were planted. The first grapes were harvested in 1995. The first wine was produced in 1998, and the tasting room opened that same year. Instead of folding up shop when two catastrophic floods washed out the winery and vineyards, the Housers got creative and developed a series of core wines that no other Texas, or California winery for that matter, was making.

In 1929, a small group of citrus growers had a dream to build a citrus organization. After several years of discussion, the dream became a reality with the inception of the Edinburg Citrus Association. Since then, the association has been able to adapt to adverse conditions and prosper. The pioneering spirit of their initial grower members lives on and has not only persevered, but also thrived over time.

Jim Ekstrom began raising hybrid bass in the mid-1980s. In 1997, he located farming operations in Danevang and built the Silver Streak Bass Company. The farm began with 11 ponds and is now home to more than 1,000 acres of water. Today, the farm produces three million pounds annually, making it the largest hybrid striped bass farm in the country.

Doing business with the motto, “fresh from Texas,” Energy Sprouts brings sausage, fresh-cut vegetables, freshly grown fruit and other products to the market that are all natural. Their mission is to make sure their customers get the best product every single time. Energy Sprouts strives to give all of their products their own original taste and value.

In 1997, Rae Anderson met Keith White. They met while Keith was demonstrating an atmospheric water generator (AWG), which makes water from the air we breathe. Both had backgrounds in both HVAC and water systems, and they decided to join forces. The end result was the introduction into the world market of the E10 — a first generation AWG that uses UV light technology to kill bacteria. Rae and Keith have worked together to develop AWG technology using their own capital, sweat equity and determination to bring the best, safest and most reliable AWG to the world market.

Fall Creek Vineyards was established in 1975 by Texas businessman and rancher, Ed Auler, and his wife, Susan. The vineyards are located eighty miles northwest of Austin in the Texas Hill Country, where the sandy loam soil, warm days and cool breezes off Lake Buchanan provide an excellent micro-climate for growing premium wine grapes. Today, Fall Creek is a living testament to Ed’s early vision. After some brief experiments with French-American hybrid grape varieties, the winery has planted varieties including Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel, Semillon, Johannisberg Riesling, Shiraz, Tempranillo, Viognier and Malbec. These grapes are what help Fall Creek deliver great-tasting wines to their customers.

Established in 2001 in Bryan, Feather Crest Farms grows its products with the idea that its customers deserve to have the best selection possible. Feather Crest works hard and always strives to grow and produce the best vegetables, fruits and dairy products around.

Featherland Egg Farms was started by founder Merle Boeck more than 50 years ago in 1952. It all began with 1,000 hens in Merle’s backyard, where everything was done by hand. His farm was called Boeck's Egg Ranch, and the eggs were sold to local neighbors, stores and restaurants. With hard work and a little luck, within 15 years, the egg farm had grown to include more than 100,000 hens. Today, Featherland is one of only a handful of egg farms that call Texas home.


Flying Circle Bags was born on a family ranch in Boerne more than 25 years ago to proud owners Joy and Jim Chittim. Since its start, Flying Circle has become well-known throughout the military and civilian community as a leading supplier of soft luggage and accessories. Today, the company maintains the same goals as their business grows — to provide the best product and service around.

At Flying V Barbecue, you’ll find products with a rich and unique taste that really lets you taste the difference. Their barbecue sauces do just that and more, bringing customers more than just a taste, but originality in a bottle. Flying V’s mission is to have the right amount of flavor in each bottle that sets it apart from any other.

Glen Flora Farms was founded in 1980. After thirty years of perfecting growing techniques, Glen Flora Farms has become one of the leading growers of container-grown shade trees in the southern United States. Founded by the Wilkins Family on four acres near the Colorado River in Glen Flora, the nursery moved to its present location in 1987 and now  sits on 110 acres. To Glen Flora Farms, growing trees is like producing a fine quality wine, “it’s not ready before its time.” The nursery is recognized for its commitment to quality and service.


As a national importer, roaster, processor and manufacturer, GNS Foods now processes and sells more than four million pounds of nuts, snacks and confections to major retail chains, hotels, airlines, specialty food direct marketers and other businesses worldwide. GNS Foods' mission is to continue to grow in a manner which is profitable, ethical and responsible. Consistently delivering the freshest, most attractive and purest products to their customers, GNS Foods serves their customers with fast, friendly service and competitive pricing.

Goodart’s Candy produces  peanut brittle, peanut patties and other candy assortments in Lubbock. Ensuring their treats are original and tasty, Goodart’s takes pride in each and every item they produced.


With no restaurant experience and very little money, Goode Company BBQ began with the transformation an old barn-style warehouse into their first bona fide location. It all began with a mission and commitment to making Texas barbeque how it ought to be done, and that’s fresh at an honest price, made to please and made to order. It didn’t take many sandwiches before word of mouth was traveling faster than folks could swallow. Even today — thirty-five years, seven restaurants and countless mouthfuls later — the Goode Co. is still filling the plates of those first few patrons who helped them on their feet.

Green Valley Food Corporation was founded in 1996 on the principles that every individual can and should live a healthy lifestyle. By offering natural, kosher and non-genetically modified organically grown products, Green Valley is working to help its customers achieve this goal. Green Valley takes pride in providing high levels of customer service and top-notch products.


The story of Hell on the Red is a group of hunters sitting around eating and fussing about the taste of the hot sauce. One of the hunters, Red Baugh, bragged that he could make a better sauce than the one they were eating and he proceeded to do just that. The very best ingredients, combined just right and taste-tested by a whole community have produced a line of sauces and dips that Texas is proud to claim.

Hinojosa Brothers is a wholesale company based in Roma that offers products at wholesale prices for restaurants, grocery stores, car washes, drive-thru restaurants, motels, schools, parties, picnic supplies, meat markets and home consumer. You name it, they've got it and, if they don’t, they'll find it for you.

At J&D Produce, the goal of quality and providing top-notch service is first and foremost. Each of their growers must conform to stringent quality standards. By managing the entire process, J&D Produce lowers spoilage and inventory shrinkage. J&D Produce also strives to preserve the land that has been so good to them by composting, recycling and managing their gardens according to sensible horticultural practices.

Jimmy O'Brien is the owner and creator of the award-winning Jimmy O's Texas marinades, spices, salsa and hot sauce. Born and raised in San Antonio, Jimmy moved to Austin in 1971. Once in Austin, he worked in various local restaurants while attending the University of Texas. In 1991, he returned to Bergheim with nearly 20 years of restaurant experience. Jimmy began perfecting some of his favorite sauces and marinades. Today, he caters to the educated shopper who is tired of the same old corn syrup-based barbecue sauce.


Growing up in East Texas, John Henry has wonderful memories of summer picnics, county fairs and great barbeque. Therefore, East Texas flavor is what he had in mind when he created his award-winning barbeque sauces, spices and rubs. John works hard to achieve perfection and superb taste in everything he produces.

John's Greenhouse, located in Weatherford, provide horticulture, bedding plants, cactus and succulents, vines and ground covers, annuals, perennials, blooming and foliage directly to the public and wholesale customers.

People always say, “Practice makes perfect.” At Kiolbassa, it’s passion that really makes perfection. Passion is what drives Kiolbassa to make premium sausage using the same quality process they have used for generations. Using only the finest cuts of meat, fresh spices and naturally smoking their sausages over real hardwood is what gives Kiolbassa its legendary taste and consistent quality.

Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farms is the only family-owned, full-service mushroom farm in Texas. Grown for Texans by Texans, Kitchen Pride celebrates the love of mushrooms in as one of the country’s premiere mushroom farms. Known as “The Mushroom of Texas,” Kitchen Pride has been consistently producing locally grown, premium quality mushrooms in a state-of-the-art growing facility in Gonzales since 1988.

Klemke's Sausage Haus is owned and operated by Rod and Judy Klemke, and is located in Slaton. Rod grew up around packing houses and has eaten, smelled and prepared good quality meat all his life. All these years later, Rod is still growing, preparing and processing that same high-quality variety of jerky that gives Texans that one-of-a-kind taste they love.

Family-owned since 1955, Klepac Greenhouses is a premium supplier of potted plants. Their plants are grown and nurtured in the cool hills of the picturesque Texas Hill Country region, with its crystal clear water from the pristine Blanco River Valley.

Robert Knox bought a corn field in the late 1970s in Waller, Texas. Today, he grows pecans, blueberries, staghorn ferns and sago plants on the land. Knox Nursery is a wholesale nursery that sells locally.

Lammes Candies, now in its second century of candy making, continues its commitment to creating outstanding confections, all while relying on the successes of their colorful past. Today, the fifth generation of the Lammes family continues this legacy. The “Texas Chewie®” and their chocolate Longhorns contain large Texas pecans along with Lammes’ signature caramel, and are a true delight for even the most discriminating tastes. With more than 125 years of excellence, consistent quality and superior customer service, Lammes Candy continues to be a staple in Texas. Their retail shops cater to local clientele, and their mail-order service sends their products throughout the world.

Larry's Bag of Smoke Co. specializes in naturally aged, reusable wood chips. Their products can be used in outdoor barbecue systems. Larry’s chips are easy-to-use, long-lasting and all-natural. The chips can smoke for one to six hours. Larry’s offers customers a choice of 10 varieties of wood — Texas mesquite, pecan, hickory, oak, apple, peach, maple, cherry, alder and grape.

Larry's Specialty Meats has served Odessa since 1975. Larry and Dwayne offer the Permian Basin the best products around with the best service. The company continually seeks to keep their quality and service at an accelerated height, always with the customers' needs in mind. Larry’s pride itself on being one of those personalized, old fashioned meat markets with an affinity for specialty items and new products that enhance family meals. From the best of USDA Choice beef to pork to poultry, Larry’s offers its customers only the best. Meats are smoked without compromise, slowly cured and slowly cooked for irresistible flavor.

Llano Estacado was the first bonded winery to open its doors after Prohibition in the Lone Star State and is the second oldest of more than 300 wineries currently in Texas. Llano Estacada is among a few select wineries deemed most responsible for Texas’ wine industry renaissance. It is the best-selling premium Texas wine brand in the state, and the winery has assumed a leadership role in pioneering the development of the Texas wine industry over the years.

Customers of Lowake Ranch Jelly often express great surprise when they hear what cactus plants sourced the delicious jams and jellies made by this small, “two-grandma” operation. Lowake Ranch Jelly aims to sell the best kind of jellies money can buy. Their three jelly flavors — Jalapeno, Mesquite Bean and Prickly Pear — are all original and quite tasty.

At M Rivas Food Stores in Donna, Texas, you’ll find seasonings, spices and rubs that can be bought at direct wholesale prices. M Rivas Food Stores delivers the best quality to its customers without exception..

Magnolia Gardens Nursery is a family-owned and operated business located in Waller. Magnolia Gardens Nursery started as a hobby and dream in 1978 in Tommy Marek’s backyard. Magnolia Gardens Nursery also owns and operates a tissue culture lab. The company has 34 years of experience and maintains the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

At Mainz Furs Ltd., fur coats and other fur apparel are handmade to show the hard work and dedication to quality. Each product is original and well-crafted to give customers exactly what they want. Texans  won’t find furs that offer the same quality and skilled workmanship as Mainz Furs does.

The Puddin Hill tradition began in 1839, when James and Mary Horton came to the heart of the Blackland Prairie region of northeast Texas. Their names was derived from the idea that Mary Horton was the first "Mary" on Puddin Hill, and it was her recipe for pecan fruit cake that has been passed on from generation-to-generation as a holiday tradition. The Puddin Hill Store opened in 1975, when  the laundry room at Mary’s parents’ home was converted into a small bakery. Since then, it’s been nothing but sweet treats and positive growth for Mary of Puddin Hill.

Nestled in Fredericksburg in the Texas Hill Country, Meier Ranch Foods are the makers of Texas Wild brand hand-crafted specialty salsas, BBQ sauces, jams and jellies, the famous Sweet Hot Jalapenos and just about 50 more products these days. Texas Wild brand hand-crafted specialty foods originated in 1994. It all began by making products from wild Texas plants that deliver an original taste for consumers.

Fun for the whole family can be found at Merket Christmas Tree Farm. On weekends, Santa visits with kids of all ages, and visitors can even leave their letters for Santa in his mailbox. Along with their Christmas trees, one of which went to the Presidential retreat at Camp David in 2001, Merket Christmas Tree Farm also is home to petting critters, hot cider, wreaths and more. Plus, you’ll find them located just 15 miles from the beautiful Wonderland of Lights in Marshall. Bring your camera and create Christmas memories.

The story of Messina Hof begins with Paul and Merrill Bonarrigos, who were married and later settled into a home in Bryan. Together, the Bonarrigos would re-introduce the concept of winemaking in Texas. Today, Paul and Karen work side-by-side at Messina Hof, continuing the legacy of world-class wines and hospitality, while also creating new frontiers. Today, the company continues to grow and expand into new markets, producing more than 50,000 cases of wine a year.

Monterey Mushrooms was established in 1971 as a family-owned and operated farm in Royal Oaks, California. Today, Monterey Mushrooms is vertically-integrated and able to control all aspects of mushroom production from seed to consumer. Monterey is the country’s largest and only national marketer of fresh mushrooms, supplying unique, innovative and high quality products to consumers.

At Monterrey Products, it’s all about offering a unique and flavorful experience to customers. From tartar sauce to southwest seasonings to chimichurri sauce, Monterrey Products produces only the best for their customers.


Paula Lambert fell in love while she was on an extended visit to Perugia, Italy. She realized that, in order to have the wonderful mozzarella cheese she found in Italy in Texas, she was going to have to make it herself. Starting with fresh milk each morning, Paula’s homemade mozzarella was ready to sell in the afternoon. Lambert felt this idea would catch on in her native Dallas, especially if she could capture and communicate the charm of Italian life and link it to the cheese’s unique farm-fresh taste. You could say, the rest is history.

Since 1990, National Food & Beverage has been specializing in processing and packaging sauces and condiments for consumers. They offer an array of container sizes from 8 oz. up to a 55 gallon drum. National Food & Beverage has the capabilities to fill plastic or glass containers with hot or cold product. Their mission is providing the highest-quality of products with the best service, which the company has managed to do through efficiency, confidentiality and safety.


Native Texas Nursery has been providing high quality perennials, shrubs and trees to landscapers and nurseries for more than 26 years. They specialize in growing native plants and trees, as well as a few non-natives that are well-adapted to the Central Texas region. Native Texas Nursery also sells wholesale plants to landscape professionals, retail nurseries, municipalities, and other qualifying businesses and non-profits. Their goal is to cater to their customers, and industry professionals are encouraged to visit them directly and see what plants the company has to offer.


Natives of Texas was the culmination of a life’s dream for its founder Betty Streetman Winningham. Betty's childhood passion was plants and, after 30 years of teaching algebra, she turned her hobby into her retirement vocation. Her love of plants has allowed her to surmount the trials of living with cancer for 39 years. The nursery and her love of Hill Country native plants gave her strength throughout her battle with cancer and to the end. Betty’s tradition and spirit continues on in the nursery today, where others can experience the same joys Betty received from the beauty of plants.


Since 1979, New Canaan Farms has been offering unique recipes using the freshest ingredients from their home base in Dripping Springs. Their talented team  is always dreaming up ways to tease the taste buds with delicious products. New Canaan Farms makes everything from scratch, and visitors are welcome to sample every last one and leave their store with a great memory of the best of Texas.

Today, people know Obie-Cue’s Texas Spice for their world champion BBQ rubs. In 1985, Obie started out selling high-grade bulk herbs and spices at a cheap price at a huge local flea market. In the beginning, there were just a couple of house blends. After 14 years, Obie discovered barbecue, and Obie-Cue’s Texas Spice was born. Today, Obie uses his famous recipe for his sweet rub label and other award-winning rubs and recipes. Everybody can cook like a champion just by opening a bottle and following the label recipe.
Damian and Leia Prause are the owners of the Old Time Christmas Tree Farm, which has been in Leia’s family for more than 100 years.  Leia’s grandfather, Milton Kleb, raised peanuts, cotton, hay and many other crops on the land. The Prauses began selling trees in 1996. It kept the family tradition alive and the land in continuous agriculture production. Damian, Leia and their children, along with Leia's parents and brother, all still live on the farm.

Oliver Pecan Company, Inc. was started by Gordon Lee and Clydene Oliver in 1970 when they purchased a pecan orchard in San Saba County. Oliver Pecan has grown to harvest nearly 30,000 trees across the Lone Star State and has three buying stations. It’s one of the few pecan companies that grow, harvest, clean, crack, shell, cook and create pecan products. When you are eating an Oliver Pecan treat, you know it’s an Oliver Pecan product from start to finish — from their farms, through their processing plants, into their candy kitchen and onto your taste buds.
At PJ Flower Garden, it’s all about delivering the best horticulture, vines, ground covers, tropical plants and bougainvillea available. The company sell direct to retailers and wholesalers.

At Pecan Grove Plantation, you'll discover their plantation-style clubhouse with outstanding amenities and full social calendar is what makes their club the perfect family getaway. Everything is about giving visitors a memorable experience from the delectable food to first-class golfing. Pecan Grove Plantation features a beautiful 27-hole championship golf course, which was designed by Carlton Gipson. The traditional layout lined with magnificent pecan and oak trees provides three distinct golfing experiences.

Pecan Ridge is dedicated to providing customers with the very best pecans in West Texas. From their pecan sauces to toppings, candied pecans to pecan coffee, Pecan Ridge takes pride in everything they do.

Based in Hamilton, Pederson’s Natural Farms has been producing and smoking natural meat products since 1992. The company is dedicated to providing customers with the best naturally cured bacon, hams, sausage and much more. Their mantra — real people making real food using natural meats raised with humane and environmentally safe practices — is their way of life.


Pete’s Greenhouse specializes in home décor, gifts, gardening, lawn care, patios and outdoor living. This Amarillo-based company has been making homes in the Texas Panhandle beautiful for 40 years. They also serve and cater to bridal registration, and offer home and gardening tips on their website.

Picosos’ Peanut Company is a woman-owned, small business that was established in Helotes in 1977. Over the years, Picosos’ has worked hard to increase their business, and have been successful with their ventures into the retail and the military markets in Texas and the central United States. Picosos’ Peanut Company, with their reputation for high quality products, prioritizes sourcing its peanuts locally from Texas farmers.  Only when the raw product is not available from a Texas product is a peanuts from another locale used.

Libby Rich has had the privilege of owning Plant Odyssey for 38 years. The high-end garden center is located on Birmingham’s Southside. Libby’s decision to enter the business world was largely based on her “failure” to succeed as an employee. After fourteen years, and lots of changes, she is proud to say she now owns the garden center. Greenhouses filled with houseplants, gardens under the trees, birds that say hello to visitor, a dog that might stay by your side as you wander, plants of unusual character and classical music to soothe your soul are all part of the Plant Odyssey shopping experience.

Bob and Jeanne Cottle began making wine in their home in the early 1970s. After a move to Texas in 1979, they decided to being planting and building their own winery. In 1997, Pleasant Hill Winery opened its doors as Texas’ 27th commercial winery.

Mike and Betty Jo Prasek purchased Hillje Grocery in 1974, which was a typical small town grocery store. From this venture came the idea for Prasek's Hillje Smokehouse. Mike's parents, Adolph and Allyne Prasek, were in the grocery business while he was growing up, so this was a natural place for him. Hillje Grocery was a combination of a grocery store, meat market, saloon and feed store, all rolled into one. With the Prasek's desire and the help of many friends and loyal customers, the business has been able to grow and achieve success.

J&J Snack Foods Corp is a leader and innovator in the snack food industry, providing nutritional and affordable niche snack foods and beverages to food service and retail supermarket outlets. Manufactured and distributed nationwide, their principal products include the super pretzel, pretzel fillers and other soft pretzels.

Rachel's Texas Kitchen is a home-based business that features a gourmet line of delicious homemade jams and jellies, including their now-famous Texas Traffic Jam, along with a number of other tasty treats. Originated in a small 12x16 storage room back in 1995, Rachel's Texas Kitchen has grown from an initial catalog of seven flavors of jam to a current showcase of 14. Several of the current flavors include berry combinations and Texas favorites.

Ranch House Meat Company got its start in 1978, when the owners purchased the D&W Processing plant in Menard. Initially, they continued to process animals for local ranchers and farmers. As time passed, their products became very well received by locals. Today, Ranch House offers a complete, full-color catalog with a variety of mesquite-smoked and barbecued meats, along with condiments.

Ranch Oak Smokehouse got its start when founder, Paul Brandt, who was well-known for his Ranch Oak furniture, decided to build a second business making delicious smoked turkeys. Paul’s goal was to provide the best quality products, and when he sold Ranch Oak Farm in 1952, he did so knowing his legacy of quality would continue. Owned by the Misfeldt family since 1979, Ranch Oak continues its tradition of excellence today. Happy customers can purchase fine smoked meats and specialty gourmet food items.

Renfro Foods, a second- and third generation family run business, was founded 74 years ago in the family’s Fort Worth garage as a packaged spices and pepper sauce business. Today, it’s known for its innovative line of award-winning Mrs. Renfro's salsas, which come with an easy-to-use recipe right on the label. 


Reyes Seafood Products has a simple motto for their business: Honest service, the kind of service you go back for. Their mission is to be genuine, kind and generous to each customer they serve.

Carl Schuster emigrated from Austria to the United States in 1933 at the age of 15. He worked on a farm with relatives until he married Wilma Reis in 1941. Carl began to envision a way to pack and ship fresh produce in a timely manner to markets around the United States. From there, Rio Fresh was established in San Juan, Texas in 1970. The company relocated to the farm south of San Juan, which was strategically located, so that fresh produce could be cooled quickly, packaged and shipped daily from their facility to yours.

Rio Valley Canning Company is strategically located in Donna, Texas. The company provides fresh vegetables, fruits and peppers that are all produced with care to their customers. Rio Valley Canning Company is passionate about each item they sell having a great taste, and that’s what keeps their customers coming back for more.

Rios of Mercedes boots are known worldwide for their quality and durability. Since 1853, these boots have been made by hand with only the best materials. The attention to detail put into each pair is second-to-none. For the past 160 years, cowboys and professional horsemen, who expect only the best from their equipment, have relied on Rios of Mercedes.

Dann Russell’s grandfather had a large commercial peach and pecan orchard in the Hill Country near Lampasas. His dad grew up on this farm, and worked the orchard as a young man, taking care of the land, helping with harvest and selling the produce. Dann's father favored pecan growing over the peach side of the family business, and his family’s pecans were always a favorite for Texas country cooking. Dann’s dad retired from the family business in 1977, and Dann took over. Today, he, along  with his wife, Sandy, and their son, continued the family tradition and manage  the pecan business.

Beekeeper John Talbert of Sabine Creek Honey Farm in Royse City was a mechanical engineer by profession. That was until one of his supervisors came in and told him about a beekeeper's meeting that he was attending. Talbert’s grandfather was a beekeeper, and his interest was piqued. He joined his supervisor at the meeting, and slowly but surely, it turned into his new full-time activity. After retiring 14 years ago, he moved up through the various levels of beekeeping — from sideliner (between 26 and 300 hives) to small commercial (more than 300 hives). “Besides managing his bees and the Texas Beekeeper's Association booth in the Food and Fiber Pavilion at the State Fair of Texas, he also teaches a 20-hour seminar each year called Mastering the Art of Beekeeping.

Established in 1978, Sales USA, Inc. manufactures Pompeii 100 percent lemon and lime juice. Customers can recognize Pompeii by its well-known  four oz. squeeze bottle. Each bottle of juice is well-crafted with customer satisfaction as the top priority.

Based in Corpus Christi, Hausman Foods was founded in 1939 by Sam Hausman. His commitment to excellence has continued through four generations. Hausman Foods offers a wide range of innovative custom proteins, including: steak, hamburger patties, pit-smoked BBQ meats, kettle-cooked products, marinated beef and poultry, raw batter-breaded products and specialty sauces.

Sam Kane Beef Processors was founded in 1949 in Corpus Christi. Since the beginning, Sam Kane has had one objective in mind, and that’s to provide customers with high quality meats and service. Over the years, Sam Kane Beef Processors has grown from a small retail company to an operation that serves thousands of customers throughout the United States and in many foreign countries.

Founded by Harmon Schepps in 1942, Schepps Dairy now has 550 local employees, many of whom work in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the shadow of downtown Dallas. Schepps Dairy and Oak Farms Dairy are owned by the same entity, and both currently exclusively use the Oak Farms name and logo. It’s one customers across the state recognize. The dairy processes raw milk 24 hours a day, seven days a week, producing more than 6 million gallons of milk each month.

Serendipity of the Valley prides itself on providing the best and freshest fruit in the Rio Grande Valley. Their products reflect the care and thought the company places into everything they do.

Shallowater sells specialized, western products, including sauces, and pickled and assorted foods, to their customers with satisfaction guaranteed. They put that southern feel and taste into each one of their products, offering an exceptional, genuine taste in every bite.


Sisters & Brothers was established as a partnership in October 1987 between Celeste Seay, who was known to her family as “sister, and Carol and Lauri Raymond. Their products have become popular in upscale mass-market supermarkets, as well as natural food and specialty stores. The SASS brand stands for: Season All Stuff Sauce, which is known as, “unique, healthy, stylish delights to dress up your cooking, and no tacky, unhealthy, unpronounceable ingredients.”

The eggs from Soncrest Egg Company have a great taste, making the company proud and confident in each batch. Their mission is to offer a great taste and experience from each and every egg sold.

SOS from Texas,  or Save Our Soil, was created in 1992 to market the organic cotton grown on their Texas farms. SOS t-shirts are made from organic cotton grown on their certified organic farms. SOS organic cotton products are 100 percent made in the U.S.A. by American workers being paid a fair and lawful wage. These standards do not allow for a “cheap” organic t-shirt. However, customers buy a product with a very high value and quality that they can be proud to wear for many years.

Steve’s Leaves is a Texas tropical plant nursery founded in 1976. The nursery provides uncommon tropical plants to consumers throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. All propagation is performed in-house at Steve’s Leaves to ensure the healthiest and highest quality plants. Their plants are locally grown and locally adapted to be perfect for the customer's home or patio.

A family farm from Lubbock, Sunburst Farms has been around for more than 35 years, providing quality produce to the Lubbock area. The farm uses sustainable practices such as crop rotation, integrated pest management and drip irrigation, and is pesticide free. Sunburst Farms sells tried-and-true favorites like tomatoes, squash, okra, black-eyed peas, as well as many specialty items like French cantaloupe, Asian beans, yellow stuffer tomatoes and Armenian cucumbers. Their goal is to be a one-stop vegetable shop that provides quality fruits and locally grown vegetables.

Established in 2010, TJ Enterprises from Buchanan Dam currently sells Mayan Mojo, an ancient Mayan beverage that acts as a healthy substitute for coffee and tea or a nutritious and protein-filled addition to ice cream and smoothies. TJ Enterprises also specializes in Maya Breadnut, a natural rainforest food that’s harvested from the wild and is a non-GMO tree product that’s wheat, dairy and gluten-free.

The original concept behind Texas Crystal Water’s patriotic red, white, and blue "Texas theme" label was to create a unique appeal that distinguished its product as a true, all-Texas product. Texas pride  is legendary, just like the water. The water originates from a deep, underground pure, natural aquifer in Central Texas. It is brought up through an orifice without any surface or atmospheric exposure, and it is never chlorinated.

Tres Designs provides electronic design services that are top notch. Each design has its own look and to ensure customers gets what’s right for them.

While homeowners make up a large portion of Trinity Turf Nursery’s business, this company is primarily involved in the professional side of landscaping. In fact, most golfers in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex are probably familiar with resilient Trinity Turf, even if they don’t realize whose grass they are standing on. Trinity Turf is used on three-fourths of the golf courses in the metroplex. For the last several years, Trinity Turf Nursery has set up their turf grass in the GO TEXAN landscaping display inside Food and Fiber Pavilion at the State Fair of Texas.

Twang Partners is dedicated to adding fun and flavor to everyday life through the creation of high-quality one-of-a kind salt, sugar and spice blends. Based in San Antonio, Twang Partners is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of premium flavored salts, sugars and seasonings - all designed to enhance the taste, appearance and enjoyment of food and beverages for all occasions.


Located in Canton, Twin Lakes Nursery is a wholesale container-grown tree nursery that was established in 1990 by Deon Dekkers. The family-owned and operated business started on 55 acres and has grown to 1,000 acres with 800 acres under tree production. Twin Lakes Nursery specializes in a large variety of specimen container-grown trees from 30 gallon to 96″ boxes. By using the latest growing methods, the nursery can produces uniformity and excellent quality in all their plants.

WESTERN Premium BBQ Products are manufactured and distributed by W W Wood, Inc., based out of Pleasanton. Started in 1986 by Jerry Lawson, W W Wood, Inc. has grown from supplying mesquite and hickory wood to local barbeque restaurants  to supplying the world with a multitude of flavors and barbecue-related items.

At Weatherford Farms, you’ll find just the right mix of horticulture and plants that are versatile for use in any setting. All products are made with care to deliver great satisfaction. Weatherford Farms strives to make each experience unique and one-of-a-kind for its customers.

At West Texas Pepper Traders, the idea of a bread and butter jalapeno —one of their popular specialty products— began in the summer of 1995 when the owners started experimenting in the kitchen. As self-professed, die-hard “Chili Heads,” they were looking for new and different ways to prepare jalapeno peppers. West Texas Pepper Traders strives to maintain a reputation of quality and freshness in every product they make, using only premium ingredients that are precisely measured and blended to ensure the best product possible.

Weston Gardens started 16 years ago with the goal of making a garden that would truly be a unique experience to inspire visitors to create their own paradise at home. This is not just any old business where customers can buy the same old homogenized widgets. Weston Gardens is part science, part art and part inspiration. Just take a walk through their gardens on a beautiful spring or fall day, and you’ll truly experience the magic and beauty for yourself.


Williamson Tree Farm is all about selling and growing trees based on the highest industry s. Some varieties grow smaller and others grow naturally larger, so there’s a tree for everyone at the farm. Williamson Tree Farm provides customers with the right tree at the right size to fit their needs.


Willow Grove Ranch, located near Moody, is owned and operated by Dave and Kay Shriner. In 1992, the Shriners decided to raise emus. Emus are relatively easy-to-raise and a totally useable animal. Most of all, the Shriners were drawn to emus because they believed in the oil. When they started actively selling emu oil in 1993, the operation was very small. Since then, the business has grown into the largest supplier of emu oil in Central Texas.

Farm Pac Kitchens began in 1947 by E. W. Pietsch. As a family-owned business, Farm Pac Kitchen takes great pride in shipping gifts all over the United States that are enjoyed by someone’s family and friends at special times.

Young’s Greenhouses was established more than 120 years ago and are currently enjoying the fifth-generation of operation. The greenhouse carries beautiful plants with traditional and country styles. Dedicated design artists who are talented and professional help customers pick the plants that are right for them.

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