GO TEXAN Producer of the Month

June 2016: 44Farms


July 2016: Amelia's Farm


Husband and wife team, Ben and Amelia Von Kennel, were both working at Dallas advertising agencies and dreaming of self-employment. Inspired by their passion for the culinary arts, they created Amelia’s Farm. Amelia’s Farm is a family-owned and family-operated hydroponic produce company in Bells, Texas, located about 60 miles north of Dallas. They specialize in growing healthy and delicious hydroponic vine crops for local restaurants and markets.

“We were first introduced to commercial hydroponics by our close friend, Sean Henry, and his company, Central Texas Specialty Growers,” Amelia said. “Sean’s passion for growing vegetables hydroponically inspired us to further explore the health benefits of this innovative technology. After years of brainstorming and researching several food industry concepts, we decided to move the operation to the family ranch in Bells to focus on building the Amelia’s Farm brand and build a 6,000 square foot state-of-the-art commercial hydroponic greenhouse.”

The young company is committed to growing local and sustainable food. They start by using  high-quality seeds and well water supplemented by a 3,000 gallon rain collection system. Their specialty is tomatoes, and they use a computer program to provide a precise amount of water and nutrients to each plant. Commercial grade fans and a wet wall cooling system provide just the right temperature to grow tomatoes year-round.

Eighty percent of their greenhouse is dedicated to growing Geronimo Beefsteak tomato plants, while the other 20 percent is devoted to specialty vine products like Brandywine heirloom, cherry tomatoes, strawberry tomatoes and big leaf Italian basil.

In just five short years, Amelia’s Farms has grown and is supplying several Dallas/Fort Worth restaurants, including Al Biernat’s, Meddlesome Moth, Lark on the Park, Sissy’s Southern Kitchen and Bar, Sundown at Granada, HG Sply Co. and Bird Café. For more information, visit their website, Facebook or Twitter page.

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