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Panhandle Wildfires
Wildfire Relief:

Monetary donations for may be sent to the subsequent addresses.

Check Payee:
Gray County
Lefors Volunteer Fire and EMS Service, Inc.
Hemphill County
Canadian Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.
Lipscomb County
Lipscomb County Firefighters Association
Mail Check to:
Lefors Credit Union
Attn: Carole Watson
PO Box 425
Lefors, TX  79054
Happy State Bank
Attn: Scott Brewster
PO Box 300
Canadian, TX  79014
FirstBank Southwest -
Booker Branch
Attn: Pam Sanders
PO Box 636
Booker, TX 79005

General questions regarding monetary donations or relief efforts please call (806) 677-5628.
Texas Hay Import Precautions:  Various types of hay can be carriers of pests and diseases that are harmful to other crops.  Some hay shipments containing corn, broomcorn, sorghums and sudan grass may have restrictions on entry into the State of Texas. Also, hay imported from fire ant infested areas of other states will be limited to distribution in fire ant infested areas of Texas. For more information about restrictions on hay movement, please contact the Agriculture and Consumer Protection Division at (800) TELL-TDA (835-5832) 

Fire Ant Quarantine:  Please note that baled hay and straw stored in direct contact with the ground are regulated articles under the state and federal imported fire ant (IFA) quarantines. If these articles are not in direct contact with soil and are IFA-free, they can be shipped without a phytosanitary certificate to the IFA-free areas in Texas. When shipping to other states, some states may require a phytosanitary certificate from TDA as an evidence of inspection for freedom from IFA or that shipment originated from a IFA-free county. The quarantine requirements and contact information of the importing state can be found at the National Plant Board Website: http://nationalplantboard.org/laws-and-regulations/

  • TDA does not guarantee the quality or availability of hay or pastures offered by suppliers.
  • TDA does not verify the prices listed in the ads on the Hay Hotline.
  • TDA is not responsible for inquiry responses you receive from the Hay Hotline. 
  • There have been reports of email scams that target hay suppliers, so TDA advises all of its hay suppliers to practice sound business dealings when responding to inquiries for the sale of their hay.
  • TDA does not warrant or guarantee the pricing, quality, or acceptability of the suppliers listed  and is not responsible for any losses suffered in dealings with suppliers listed.
  • If you feel you have been the victim of fraud, contact your local law enforcement.


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