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Congratulations! Now that you and your company have decided to GO TEXAN, you'll find that the GO TEXAN mark is one of your most powerful marketing tools. It's no secret that Texans prefer to buy Texas products, and the GO TEXAN mark - a glowing brand in the shape of Texas - provides a branding boost that helps shoppers identify your products at a glance.

Put the Branding Power of GO TEXAN to Work for You!

The GO TEXAN mark is at the heart of the GO TEXAN campaign. All of TDA's GO TEXAN promotional materials, print advertisements and media campaigns promote the program's awareness and remind buyers that when they want to experience what Texas has to offer they should look for the GO TEXAN mark. Using the GO TEXAN mark on your own company's labels, brochures, website and other marketing materials puts the power of the state's strongest agricultural marketing campaign to work for you.

Rules and Guidelines

Maintaining the integrity of the GO TEXAN mark is the key to preserving the powerful brand positioning GO TEXAN members enjoy. These guidelines are provided to ensure proper use of the GO TEXAN mark. If you have any questions regarding the use of the GO TEXAN mark, contact us at (877) 99-GOTEX or

Click here to read our brand guidelines!

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