To support GO TEXAN businesses and promote their Texas made products and the overall GO TEXAN Program, the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) invites cities, communities and organizations  who coordinate public festivals and events across the state to apply for Texas Event Grant funding to support their activities.

The maximum reimbursable award amount will be up to $5,000 in approved, event-related expenses from TDA’s GO TEXAN marketing program, pending funding allocations. All activities, including but not limited to conferences, fairs, tradeshows, and festivals are encouraged to apply.  By partnering with these events through grants, TDA aims to increase awareness for both the GO TEXAN Program and the individual GO TEXAN businesses that may be participating by showcasing, sampling, and selling their GO TEXAN certified products.  Events can use these funds to assist with advertising costs, create additional collateral and increase attendance. Please click the documents listed below for more details. 


  1. Event must be conducted between May 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021.
  2. Limit of one application for funding per event.
  3. The event must be put on by a current GO TEXAN Product or Associate Partner – to join as a GO TEXAN partner apply online at
  4. Applicants must complete the application, sign the certification, and include additional applicable documents (listed below) to be eligible. Applications will not be considered until complete.
  5. Deadline for submitting applications for calendar year 2021 events is May 15, 2021.
  6. Applications must be complete and have all required documentation to be considered. TDA reserves the right to request additional information or documentation to determine eligibility. Applications missing documentation or otherwise deemed incomplete will not be considered for funding until sufficient information has been received. TDA reserves the right to deny applications if the applicant is unable to provide required documentation within the deadline provided by TDA when requesting the information. All determinations regarding eligibility of expenses and funding amounts are final.
  7. Farmers Markets are not eligible for this opportunity. A separate opportunity is available for Farmers Markets at


  1. The event must incorporate a benefit or opportunity for participation by GO TEXAN businesses and/or promote the GO TEXAN Program (i.e., 10% off booth space for all GO TEXAN Partners).
  2. GO TEXAN must be mentioned in event literature, marketing materials, advertisements, and/or social media, in compliance with the GO TEXAN mark specifications document (to be provided by TDA at time of award).
  3. Any creative materials or event opportunities not identified in your application packet must be provided to TDA for review and approval to ensure the licensed GO TEXAN trademark is used correctly and the proposed opportunity is beneficial to GO TEXAN businesses. An email describing the event opportunity, amendments to previously approved information, or advertising drafts should be submitted to


Applications and all documents are due on May 15, 2021


Complete application with signature and all required documentation must be submitted to

The e‐mail subject line must contain the Program name and applicant identification (Ex: 2021 TDA Event Grants – Wine Walk). The Applicant is solely responsible for ensuring that their complete application, regardless of method of delivery, is sent to, and received by TDA in a timely manner and at the proper destination server. Applicant will receive an email from TDA confirming receipt of application as soon as administratively possible.

For questions regarding submission of the application and/or application requirements, please email For questions regarding the grant after submission, email

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